Jul 14

Benyaro to launch BENYARO.COM with new music video directed by NicoleCohen!! posted by: Benyaro in Music

Benyaro to launch BENYARO.COM with new music video directed by NicoleCohen!!


Ladies and Gents,

Next week Benyaro will finally launch a fully functional, good looking, informative BENYARO.COM!

Thanks to designers Josh Newton and Dan Richard for their skills!

BENYARO.COM will serve as a place for us to share out thoughts, videos, music, photos, and rantings with you all, our fans. Thanks for keeping an eye us as we travel the U.S. to bring fresh music that sounds good to people who deserve more than the same old electric guitars, pounding 1/8 notes on a closed hi hat and undecipherable vocal half-assed-ness that dominates the stages of venues of this country. Yes, it is you who deserve more than this. Don’t get me wrong, there are other folks out there pushing the art of music ahead, we just seem to be in the minority. Speaking of rantings…

BENYARO.COM will serve as the venue for Benyaro’s first music video, a rendition of Malcolm Holcombe’s “Who Carried You” directed by Nicole Cohen, a talented video artist from New York City and Berlin, Germany. Nicole’s video art has been exhibited at The Getty Museum and Brooklyn Museum of Art, just name a few. Check out her work here –http://nicolecohen.org/ – it is very cool!

The video will be accessible exclusively on BENYARO.COM for 2 weeks before becoming available on YouTube and Vimeo. Please share the video with your friends! Our version features Meg Chamberlin, my sister, on harmony and lead vocals. If you are unfamiliar with Malcolm Holcombe, you must go to http://malcolmholcombe.com/ and track down his original version as well as many more incredible recordings of his songs.

We hope you love the music video. There will be many more to come as Benyaro has taken interest in combining the art forms of music and video art. It is a beautiful and collaborative medium in which the possibilities are nearly endless. Keep an eye out on BENYARO.COMfor the releases of more videos in the future.

Thanks for swinging by BENYARO.COM when you can. We’ll be releasing a single off our new EP, THE COVER EP shortly, plus more video and photos from the recording session. On July 24 we begin the Summer EP Release Tour 2012 and will be posting pics and vids from the shows. Use the website to keep track of where we are performing and be sure to let your friends know when we are coming through!

Thanks for reading and thank you all for your support!!