Nov 05

“DOGS” – Benyaro’s New Music Video!! posted by: Benyaro in Music


Happy November and early sunsets to you.

We are thrilled to announce the new Benyaro Official Music Video for “DOGS”!

As many of you know, “Dogs” is a tune off our 2nd album, Good Day Better, and was featured on one of RELIX magazine’s music samplers in 2012. So, this spring we teamed up with director Martin Rodahl (71 Degrees North) of Chicago to create a fun video for the tune. We hope you enjoy!

If you are into helping us spread the word, please head to our Facebook page to “share” the video. Or on Twitter; please copy and paste the link and tag us, @Benyaro and #BenyaroDogs. Thanks for helping Benyaro get seen and heard! Here is the link to copy and paste –

If you would like a free download of the song, please click on the following link, which will offer you a free download if you click the “pay with a tweet” button (ie your tweet is payment, so it’s free!), authorizing a tweet to be sent out on your behalf:

A special thanks to the lovely ladies of Trunk Club who participated in the making of this music video: Lauren Jarrett, Ali Ryan, Birdie Bartholomew, & Jen Roberts!! Also, thanks to Joette Waters, John Arjona, Pocket Puppies of Chicago, Martin Rodahl and Jason Chiu. The video is possible because of you guys!

Thank you, friends!!