Press Quotes

This is what the press have been saying about Benyaro.

“Indie acoustic soul power”

Dana Sobel – Music writer – RELIX magazine – New York, NY – 1/11


“If you’re a fan of The Band or their modern-day counterparts The Avett Brothers, there’s a good chance you’ll take a shine to GOOD DAY BETTER…Musser at times recalls David Bowie”

Jack Silverman – Music writer – Nashville Scene – Nashville, TN – 3/11


“An incredibly warm album, enveloping the listener in nostalgic reminiscense, like everything that made early Tom Waits so good.”

Robert Parker – Music director – KBGA 89.9 FM – Missoula, MT – 4/10


“an unsigned band with a self-released album that’s cracked national charts? That’s something…a sweet, soulful sound.”

 Adam Rathe – Music editor – New York Press – New York, NY – 5/09


“Sounds like early-period acoustic David Bowie but with an Americana twang.”

Bryan Skowera – Music director – WESU 88.1 FM – Middleton, CT – 4/10


“ Musser, McCullough and Chamberlin deliver the folk gospel according to Benyaro, a crunchy granola, campfire hoot of a sound endowed with warm tunes and tight harmonies”

Jonathan Takiff – Music writer – Philadelphia Daily News – Philadelphia, PA – 6/10


“a strong collection of upbeat rootsy tunes…vocals drive the album forward behind a steady mix of some acoustic folk, blues and country influences.”

WGTB 92.3 FM – Washington, DC – 4/10 – Cole Stangler – “The Cosmic American Radio Music Hour” host


“Indie Acoustic Soul…”

Dale Bridges – Music writer – Boulder Weekly – Boulder, CO – 7/08


“The album emanates a striking, authentic grace. Badass songs like the title track and “Dogs” make me feel    like doing brave things…”

Erika Fredrickson – A&E editor – Missoula Independent – Missoula, MT – 8/10


“thoughtful acoustic music…Musser’s voice is a strange amalgamation of Cat Stevens and Axl Rose, all quivery and emotive and gravely at once.”

Yes! Weekly – Winston-Salem/Greensboro, NC – 10/09 Ryan Snyder – Music editor


“Relaxed, peaceful and largely acoustic, Benyaro sounds to be born less out of the smoggy subways and more out of the Smoky Mountains.”

Ryan Muldoon – Music writer – Richmond Times-Dispatch – Richmond, VA – 2/08


“…not-so-secret weapon is the voice of multi-instrumentalist Ben Musser…like a world traveler unhinged by sights of great beauty and great horror, Musser sounds akin to a young Cat Stevens.”

The Daytona Beach News-Journal – Daytona Beach, FL  – 2/08 Rick de Yampert – Entertainment writer


“These two are able to gloriously fill an entire room full of warm, beautiful sound. Each song has a soul to it that resonates all around.”

The Old Gold and Black (Wake Forest University’s Newspaper) – Winston-Salem, NC – 11/10 Caroline Edgeton – Arts writer


“Benyaro’s new album “Good Day Better” has the ability to do just that: put it on your car stereo, turn up the volume, roll down your windows, and it’ll turn a mediocre day good, and a good day better.”

WFDD 88.5 FM – Winston-Salem, NC– 10/10 David Ford – “Triad Arts Up Close” host


“The upcoming studio album from this Brooklyn-based acoustic folk/rock/Americana act invites comparisons to the glory days of CSN&Y (mainly due to their heavenly vocal harmonies…)”

Connect Savannah – Savannah, GA – 7/07 – Jim Reed – Music writer


“Benyaro captures the smoothness of Motown blended with the acoustic origins of Americana…”

Jackson Hole News and Guide – Jackson, WY – 7/09 – Samantha Getz – Music writer


“…a sound comparable somewhere between a righteous Gram & Emmylou, and Three Dog Night.”

Radio Crystal Blue – Brooklyn, NY – 11/07- Dan Herman – Webcaster/podcaster,


“Soulful acoustic phenomenon…”

The Roanoke Times – Roanoke, VA – 9/08 Amy Matzke – Arts writer


“His (Ben’s) amazing voice is the calling card of Benyaro …acoustic roots/folk songs with much feel,  soul and    emotion…a comparison to Ray Lamontagne comes to mind…splendid album.”

Rootstime – Halen, Belgium – 5/08 – Valère Sampermans – Music writer


” The harmonies are crystalline, the playing flawless, and the songs tight. In short it’s an impeccable recording.”

Missoula Independent – Missoula, MT – 8/08 – Chris La Tray – Music critic


“a sophisticated blend of soul, folk and finely executed song craftsmanship”

Savannah Morning News – Savannah, GA  – 2/08 – Joel Weickgenant – Music writer


Americana UK – Liverpool, UK – 1/08 – Paul Kerr – Americana-UK critic

“Soft folky pop that grows on you…attractive acoustic based songs that hark back to seventies soft country rock times…harmonies are reminiscent of the likes of Poco…”