Dec 18

New Music Video! – “Clay Pigeons” – from The Cover EP posted by: Benyaro in Video

Ladies and gents,

Happy Holidays from Benyaro.

It has been snowing steadily all day here in the place I call home; Wyoming. It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas, actually, and with that in mind, here is a link to download our new Christmas album.

I kid. We’re not going there, yet.

We are, however, not ashamed to pimp out our new recording and brand new MUSIC VIDEO of the late Blaze Foley’s “Clay Pigeons”.  Blaze’s real name was Michael Fuller for all you music buffs, and Benyaro’s recording of his tune appears on our new release, THE COVER EP.

CLICK HERE to watch Benyaro’s “Clay Pigeons” music video.

Click here to purchase The Cover EP. Just $12, they make GREAT presents!

Thanks to Sonny Ratcliff for editing this and producing it with us. The video utilizes footage from The Cover EP sessions which took place in Jackson Hole, WY, May 6-12, 2012.

Thanks to the owners of this cabin, who may never know their cabin was used for such a purpose. If they find out, perhaps they’ll raise the rent since we’re making it famous.

Enjoy the video, buy The Cover EP, and have a safe and optimistic holiday season!

Thank you all for your support!