New Moon

(Ben Musser)

© 2017 Mohinga Music ASCAP


Everytime I catch her smiling face

start feeling everything I want to

Only if it happened more each day

the world would be a better place


My lady twinkles like a star

each time her chance comes around

Noticed these smiles come to bear

The more & more I shut my big ol’...


I got to learn to curb

this mouth for a day

let the new moon

shows the stars

in the shadow it stays

Sit down, relax, young man

hand the woman the reigns

Let the new moon show the stars

never give em away


Woman’s got the taste of the Queen

the eye of a stock judge

but around me she can’t fit a word in

no ‘cause you haven’t met me

I can talk a deaf man out the room

as she whispers sweet everything

Wisin’ up to hear the tune she sings

for everyone to forget why they’re blue


Time to step back

Time to fade to black

Time to let the quiet light glow




© 2017 Mohinga Music ASCAP


Ben Musser: lead & harmony vox, nylon &

steel string guitar, brushes, tambourine, shaker, cowbell

Leif Routman: upright bass

Brian Geltner: drum kit

Jacob Rodriguez: tenor & baritone sax

Horn arrangement: Ben Musser & Jacob Rodriguez