Nice ‘n’ Steady 

(Ben Musser)

© 2017 Mohinga Music ASCAP


Sometimes in life

one must put their smile down

let fire fill the eyes

when your dignity’s challenged

Oh I, got a story for you


Today the sun came up

Caught the stench of an evil woman

whose been trying to take my place

trying to give it to my lover

when the lights go down

‘cause she shackled to her Lynchburg taste

she needs more than what she’s got

more than her cheap perfume

that insecure laugh stinks up the room

I told you once, told you twice

So now it shouldn’t be a surprise

When I give it to you


Nice ‘n’ steady


Oh what I got to give to you

ain’t nothing you can use

when you slither into bed each night

as you close your eyes

not alone, so you fantasize

the moment you turn out the light


What you got comin’ more like the back of my hand

You’re the only female I’m wanna … like a man

I told you once, told you twice,

So now it shouldn’t be a surprise

When I give it to you


Nice ‘n’ steady


I’m gonna give it to you steady

but not so nice

next time you think of sucking

you’d better think twice

about your reputation

and a parasite


Only one

gets to be with my girl

Fortunate for me I get to rock that world

But you, better back the front down


© 2017 Mohinga Music ASCAP


Ben Musser: lead & harmony vocals,

steel string guitars, drum kit, bongos,

tambourines, whispers

Leif Routman: upright bass, whispers