Penchant for the Blue

(Scott Claassen and Ben Musser)

© 2017 Mohinga B Music / Dedales de Oro BMI


I see sand there in your eyes, again

I don’t know why we have to waste our time

talking it over when

you know what I want and I know

what you think you need to

make it through the night

with me


You’ve been holding out on me

hoping I won’t lose

my penchant for the blue


Laugh when expected

(we’ll see)

Smile anytime you need

(how it goes now)

Your rules for affection

(we’ll see)

haven’t done a thing for me

(how it goes now)


And I’ve been holding out on you

hoping you’ll come through

your palate to the blue


And I’ve been through this before, with you

and I can’t hold your hair back anymore


© 2017 Mohinga B Music / Dedales de Oro BMI


Ben Musser: lead & harmony vocals, nylon string guitars

Leif Routman: upright bass

Brian Geltner: drum kit